Final Fantasy VII



Game Start
Cloud and AVALANCHE blow up a Mako reactor in Midgar.
Hours before
Cloud meets Tifa at the Sector Seven trainstation. Cloud begins to form his own illusory world by Jenova's power.
Days before
Cloud and Zack arrive in Midgar--Zack is killed by Shinra and Cloud is left for dead.
One week before
Zack and Cloud escape the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.
Four years before
Corel is burned by the Shinra. Barret and Dyne both loose one hand. Barret's wife dies in the fire. Marlene adopted by Barret.
Five years before
Marlene born. Shinra uses SOLDIER to put down resistance. Tifa meets Zack (?) Nibelheim burned by Sephiroth after he finds Jenova. Tifa's father murdered by Sephiroth. Sephiroth dies, taking Jenova's head with him. Hojo begins his experiments on the remaining Nibelheim populace, includidng Zack and Cloud.
Six years before
War between Shinra and Wutai ends. Space program ended when Shin-Ra discovers how profitable Mako is. First Mako reactor built in Nibelheim.
Six years, six months before
YA-79, the first manned mission to the moon planned. Shera checks the tanks during the launch; Cid Highwind aborts the launch to save her. Tank #8 is later found to have been faulty.
Seven years before
Cloud leaves Nibelheim to find fame and impress Tifa. Cloud is 14 at the time. Aeris and Zack begin dating (?)
Ten years before
Zack leaves Gongaga to join SOLDIER.
~Fourteen years before
Tseng comes to take Aeris from Elmyra, but she refuses to go, declaring she is not an Ancient.
Fifteen years before
War between Shinra and Wutai begins. Apparently Ilfana and Aeris escape Shinra and Hojo. Ilfana Gast dies, leaving Aeris to be raised by Elmyra Gainsborough.
Sixteen years before
Yuffie Kisaragi born to Godo Kisaragi in Wutai.
Twenty years before
Tifa Lockheart born in Nibelheim.
Twenty-one years before
Cloud Strife born in Nibelheim.
Twenty-two years before
Aeris Gast born to Professor and Ilfana Gast in Icicle Inn. Sometime near here, Hojo kills Gast and takes the young Aeris and Ilfana back to Midgar.
Twenty-six years before
Sephiroth born to Lucrecia and Hojo in Nibelheim. Vincent tries to stop Hojo, but instead is shot and experimented upon, then locked in a coffin in the basement of Shinra Mansion, apparently halting his aging.
Thirty-two years before
Cid Highwind born.
Thirty-five years before
Barret Wallace born in Corel.
Fourty-eight years before
Nanaki born to Seto in Cosmo Canyon.
Fifty-three years before
Vincent Valentine born, Wutai. He recognizes Yuffie because he has seen her mother and she resembles her greatly.
One hundred and thirty years before
Bugenhagen born.

It is difficult to accertain when the Shin-Ra Space Program began. It must have started while they were at war with Wutai. Obviously the war was going well, or else they would not have invested as much time into a space-exploration program and certainly would not have planned a manned mission to the moon.

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